Tree Disease


Sadly, the forests in Wales and Scotland are under threat from pests and diseases which are killing the trees, and this is affecting the forests being used for the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

How you can help

Don't give pests and diseases an easy ride, carry out these simple cleaning tasks before the rally and after you visit:

Think feet

Arrive in the woodland with clean boots or shoes. You'll be sure you aren't carrying tree pests or diseases from your last walk in the countryside.

After the rally, simply knock any mud and leaves from your footwear and wash any leftover mud off once you're home. This will ensure you don't accidentally move disease across the countryside.

Top tip: wear wellington boots if you have them, their surfaces are easier to clean than other materials.

Think wheels

Arriving in the woodland with clean wheels can help prevent the spread of tree diseases too. Brush off any loose dirt before you leave the woodland.

Once your home, wash any further mud and debris just to be thorough. Keeping your car, or bike, clean does more than keeping it looking good and working well.

Think clothing

Arrive in the woodland with clean clothing and make sure you shake or brush any needles and debris before leaving. Check hoods, pockets and collars for any trapped needles.

When you get home make sure that you give your clothes a wash before wearing them in your garden or another woodland.

Top top: wear smooth-textured waterproofs, if you have them with you, as these clothes are easiest to wipe clean.

Thank you for helping to protect our woodlands for the future.