Roger Albert Clark Rally 2017
Media Information & Accreditation

19th August 2017: Details of Media Accreditation Announced

As you might expect from  the Roger Albert Clark Rally, Level 2 media will be made welcome with plenty of information and access.

Due to the geography of the rally, we will be offering signing on by mail. You are all welcome to come to Leominster on Thursday, but we know that may  be impossible for many people. In order to ensure that everything all gets sorted out in good time, we're going to close applications on 1 October. We know that is a long way out, but we need to allow time for locations to be chosen and added to the safety manual. 

So, if you are planning to come to any element of the rally, please e-mail  the event Media Officer, Paul Lawrence, by clicking on the image below, by 1st October with the usual information including MSA pass  number, MSA tabard number, which days you will be attending and your contact  details.

We look forward to welcoming you to the return of the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

Please watch the FIA Media Safety Video