Roger Albert Clark Rally 2023

Marshals and Radio Operators are required for a variety of tasks over the five days, Marshal are being provided with a selection of goodies including, these are still to be finalised but will be published here. 

Each stage is being allocated twice the amount of goodies per the minimum marshal requirement figure, in an attempt to enable every marshal to get something from every stage you attend.

If you are keen to marshal with us on either day, please get in touch with our Staffing Officer.

If you are not a Motorsport UK marshal accredited marshal then please see the pages below:

Marshals On Line Training

The event Staffing Officer this year is Paul Jones or call 07714 712046.

Paul's role is to ensure sufficient marshals are available to perform duties at all controls around the event.

Please register your interest below.

The event are using RST for the registration of marshals this year, please register on the below link to their web site.