Competitor Update after Round 5 - Trackrod Rally Cup

12th October 2018

  Please find below the championship points after the final round, the Trackrod Rally Cup. Award winners are highlighted and we would extend an invitation to the awards evening at the Casa Hotel, Chesterfield on February 2nd as we join the BHRC to celebrate the inaugural year of the series.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported the championship and stood by the ethos of a friendly and welcoming season. We aim to continue for 2019, with a small change to the calendar which will be provisionally announced soon.We are still awaiting confirmation of event running orders and will make a decision based on those to ensure you get the best possible stages.

More information on the awards evening will be forwarded in due course.
Please check the attached and highlight any errors within seven days of this email.
2018 Rally2 Calendar
24th March 2018Rally North WalesRally 2WD format
28th April 2018Pirelli International Rally2WD first, all single use
8th / 9th June 2018ATL Carlisle StagesDay one: 2WD format, day two: traditional
24th June 2018Red Kite StagesRally 2WD format
29th/30th SeptemberTrackrod Cup
Day one: 2WD format, day two: traditional

Championship regulations and more information can be found online at:
More information on the championship can be obtained from the championship co-ordinators:

Matt Cotton    T: 07870 216931
Bex Hinton                             

Competitor Update after Round 2 Pirelli International Rally COMPETITOR UPDATE - 4th May 2018
Welcome to the second Competitor Update of the Rally2 Championship after round two of the series, The Pirelli International Rally After a successful Rally North Wales, it was great to see most crews making the trip to Cumbria to contest classic stages in Kielder last weekend. 

The Rally2WD format was certainly popular and provided a great spectacle in the notorious, ditch lined stages.

In response to requests, you will be pleased to know that we have formally introduced an "overall Rally2" award which was not previously part of the structure of the championship.

This offers another opportunity to challenge for position on the series which was very much a class based championship when the idea was formed. Please find the championship points below.

Championship points after Round 2 Please take your time to check the points and get back to us at if you have any queries ASAP.

We would really like to know how you found the Pirelli International Rally and if you would like to feature on social media, please drop us an email on the details below, along with a picture if you have one and we will put it out on our social networks.

Regulations and entries for the next round of the series, the ATL Carlisle Stages on 8th/9th June are now available HERE.
Please note that the event contains stages on FRIDAY evening which adds a fantastic twist but also allows for an early getaway on the Saturday.
Check out their social media feeds for more details on the event.

A new rally championship has been launched this week which aims to rejuvenate the camaraderie and prime quality gravel conditions for two-wheel drive competitors in 2018 across five forest events in the UK.

In an idea devised by well-known Scrutineer John Cooper, the Rally2 Championship will follow the newly announced Rally 2WD format, which has been widely praised as a transformation of rallying for the 2wd fraternity.

With the loss of the ability to run lower powered and two-wheel drive machines at the head of the field in 2015 thanks to a regulation change, both front and rear driven cars have suffered from lowly seeding positions in recent times and entry numbers have begun to dwindle across the country.
Thanks to the Rally 2WD format, Rally2 has been devised to recreate the atmosphere and friendliness as well as predominantly smooth roads which were lost when the new “fastest first” road position and seeding was brought in. Two wheel drive crews will now be able to take advantage of prime road conditions and will effectively run in their own event and enjoy the forests at their best.

The class structure allows both beginners and seasoned experts to compete alongside each other and vie for class honours. The Tyro category offers a cost-effective entry-level option whilst the One-Four class should appeal to the under 1400cc crews. The Open and Open-Plus category ensures those with more power can still qualify.

Promoted by the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club, who are responsible for the Fuchs MSA British Historic Rally Championship (BHRC) and Roger Albert Clark Rally, the series will follow the BHRC calendar, starting with the North Wales Rally Services – Rally North Wales on 24th March in Dolgellau, Wales.
For the series opener, crews will start at around 8.30 in the morning before a lunchtime finish allows the four-wheel drive event to follow on behind. Whilst other events in the championship are finalising details, many are set to follow a similar pattern.
Round two will head to the North West for the Pirelli Carlisle Rally in April and not only will Rally2 crews enjoy top road conditions in the Kielder forest, but all stages on the event will be single use giving additional protection for lower powered and older cars in the field.

The Carlisle Rally will also head into Kielder, but unlike the Pirelli, will utilise the Kershope & Newcastleton complex. The event will also offer competitors their first taste of stages under the cover of darkness on the Friday night of the event. The two-day rally will run to Rally 2WD format on Friday, switching to a traditional format the following day with stages selected for their smoothness.

The Red Kite Stages in June will run to the Rally 2WD format and is set to take competitors into South Wales for the first time in many years. The final round of the series, the Trackrod Cup in September, will run to a similar format to the Carlisle Stages, offering several stages in the dark, again on the Friday night.

Championship creator John Cooper, believes this is just what rallying needs in the UK at the moment and should inspire many crews to start competing again after a lengthy hiatus.
“The loss of so many two-wheel drive crews in forest rallying over the past few years has been significant and of course it’s had a detrimental effect on event entry levels on even the most popular of rallies,” says Cooper.

“I was very impressed by the Rally 2WD format which was devised by Paul Lawrence and Simon Wallis and saw how much interest from the historic community it had. The initial idea was a championship for beginners to be able to cut their teeth in the sport but after talking to Matt Cotton who has now offered to become championship co-ordinator, it soon snowballed. From the initial response by crews, we had to build something a little bigger and now it seems we are dragging many drivers out from semi-retirement”.
There is something for everyone in the new championship but the organisers have concentrated on keeping it simple.

“We have a very simple class structure and ethos and there will be no huge prizes at the end of it in year one,” says championship coordinator Cotton.
“We really just wanted to ensure that we could give people a reason to come back to the sport again and have a great atmosphere both on and off the stages whilst having a great time. We seem to have lost that in rallying recently. Crews will all be welcome at the RACRMC tent in service for coffee and biscuits during service breaks and generally have a good chat about the day with a family atmosphere. We can build on what we have in the coming months but for now, let’s just get people out there competing.”
Class awards at the end of the year will be presented at the Fuchs MSA British Historic Rally Championship awards evening.

2018 Rally2 Calendar (subject to MSA approval):

24th March 2018Rally North WalesRally 2WD format
28th April 2018Pirelli Carlisle Rally2WD first, all single use
8th / 9th June 2018Carlisle StagesDay one: 2WD format, day two: traditional
24th June 2018Red Kite StagesRally 2WD format
29th/30th SeptemberTrackrod Cup
Day one: 2WD format, day two: traditional