Theraputic Use Certificate

Notification has been received from the MSA that all competitors i.e. driver and co-driver who participate in the MSA British Historic Rally Championship are now liable to be randomly tested on events for substance abuse.

If a competitor requires certain medication then a Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificate (TUE) is required.

The following information has been provided by the MSA for attention.

The MSA British Historic Rally Championship has been selected as one of several competitions which have been added to the MSA ‘Domestic Pool’ with regard to anti-doping procedures for 2018.


What does this mean for the competitor?

This means that a driver that is taking part in the above championship must now obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificate (TUE) PRIOR to USE of any prohibited medications that they are prescribed.

Therefore, if you have already commenced treatment with a prohibited medication for a medical condition, you will now be required to obtain a retroactive TUE application.

Therefore, please check the status of all your currently prescribed medications, using the Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO) website:

If you are prescribed a prohibited medication, please speak to your GP to assess whether any permitted alternative treatments could instead be used. If you are to remain on the prohibited medication, then you must obtain a TUE from UK Anti-Doping.

To submit a TUE application, please complete the relevant TUE application form available on the UKAD website ( and include the following supportive medical evidence:

  • Initial diagnosis letters
  • Results of diagnostic tests and investigations used to determine the diagnosis
  • Most recent specialist review letters
  • A statement from the specialist stating that no reasonable permitted alternative medications exist. If permitted alternatives are available, then the specialist will need to provide clinical justification for the use of the prohibited


If you have any questions about whether you are required to obtain a TUE or the medical evidence required to support a TUE application. Please contact Samuel Pool (Medical Programmes Officer) at UKAD on or call 0203 161 5014.

Please note that if you are competing in the above event and you do not obtain a TUE for a prohibited medication before being subject to a doping control test, you are at risk of incurring an anti-doping rule violation.

Further information can be obtained from the MSA website and link

If you take medication for any condition please follow the advice and obtain a TUE.